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Easy Screen Rec

Productiviteit Video
Developer: Photo & Video Labs
19.99 USD

Have you ever been asked to help someone with computer at distance? Or maybe it was you who needed help? Sometimes it is quite difficult to explain something and it is much more simple just to show. Thats what our app is created for! Now it is easy to solve problems and cope with tasks or help your friends and grandma living in another city. You can record your video lessons, messenger talks and all the things you want! Communicating via video has never been so convenient and interesting! No more boring talks and explanations!

HOW TO USE: Just record everything you want to send or just keep. Communicate per video using our new app!

-Capture the video from the whole screen
-Choose the selected area
-Move the selected area as you want

-Use your microphone to record the sound

-Capture mouse cursor
-Capture mouse click

-To share your experience of some apps using
-To explain your grandma how to use a computer
-To make a record of your video lesson
-For quick and easy recording
-As unusual way of communicating

When your grandma cant install some application or your girlfriend has deleted something important and you have no time to explain - just record a short video with instructions! They will be grateful! Or maybe you want to make a cute video for your boyfriend using your computer screen? Be creative with our new app Easy Screen Rec!